KoreaBIO have formed an alliance with Inpart, enabling Korean biotechnology companies to access a global network of decision-makers in biopharma R&D, helping accelerate the commercialization of new scientific innovations and drugs in development by the Korean biotech industry.

Through the alliance, KoreaBIO will provide opportunities for its 600 member companies to access Inpart’s global online platform for scientific partnering, connecting their teams and proprietary assets with prospective R&D partners in pharmaceutical companies based around the world.

Inpart’s partnering platform is used extensively by R&D teams and open innovation departments in over 6,500 companies - including the global top 25 pharmaceutical companies and over 2,000 large-medium biopharma firms – to identify new assets and collaboration partners.

In response to the agreement being reached, Jurie Hwang, Director of Public & International Relations Division at KoreaBIO and Atsumi Fujigasaki, Asia Regional Manager at Inpart explained that

“This strong alliance will further establish South Korea’s reputation for nurturing early-stage biotechnology innovation, providing a new route for Korean biotech companies to collaborate with larger pharmaceutical companies internationally.”
Jurie Hwang
Jurie Hwang
Director of Public & International Relations Division at KoreaBIO

“This partnership will further expand Inpart’s outreach in Asia-Pacific, specifically in South Korea, where the government continues to invest in the life science industry as a priority area for economic growth.”
Atsumi Fujigasaki
Atsumi Fujigasaki
Asia Regional Manager at Inpart

“South Korea has over the last decade established itself as a global leader in biopharma R&D. The second largest delegation of biotech companies at the 2023 BIO International convention were from Korea. Recent partnerships between South Korea’s science and technology ministry, MIT, and the Boston innovation cluster, and now this partnership, signal an appetite for global growth”, said Jurie Hwang at KoreaBIO.

About Inpart

Inpart is the trusted partner for biopharma and scientific partnering. Their online platform provides comprehensive solutions to facilitate, optimize, and track partnerships and alliances in the biopharma, scientific and academic sectors. Inpart’s technology is the preferred choice for more than 6,500 companies including 45/50 of the world's leading pharma companies and over 200 of the world’s leading universities.

Connect, a cutting-edge matchmaking platform, serves as the backbone of a thriving network, uniting over 6,500 industry professionals with academic organizations, biotech companies and investors. Through Connect, Inpart empowers users to enhance their visibility, expedite partner discovery, and gain invaluable strategic insights.

Inpart's partnering CRM, Deal, is tailored specifically to meet the unique demands of the biopharma sector. Deal streamlines the collaboration and alliance management phases of biopharma partnerships, ensuring efficient and organized operations in executing Biopharma deals.

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About KoreaBIO

KoreaBIO, a leading organization in the bioindustry encompassing pharmaceuticals, medical devices, environmental technology, biotechnology, and more, supports the business endeavours of over 640 member companies of various sizes across all sectors of the bioindustry, including red, white, and green. Its mission is to vitalize the Korean bio-industry ecosystem. Through its Global Mingle Program, KoreaBIO assists Korean bio companies in establishing a global network, expanding their businesses, and conducting IR activities in the international market.

Media Contact: Jen Jiyeon Chun, Public Relations Manager jychun@koreabio.org